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Replay: 3 Principles to Apply in 2023 + PLUS Your Q&A LIVE!

Business Mastery

What will you get?

•12-weeks: Business Mastery Training Program: (Value: $9997)

•Business Mastery 76-Page Workbook (Value: $897)

YPS Business Blueprint: 8 Pillars of a Profitable Business (Game-changer) (Value: $3000)

•24 FREE Marketing Strategies that you can use and implement instantly (Value: $597)

•Special BONUS Training “Clear your Sales Stoppers”  (Value: $397)

•Massive BONUS: Customized Business Actions that guarantee results! (Value: $2697)

•Massive added value:  Very active group for accountability (Value: $390)

•SUPER Bonus: One-on-One Profound Coaching session (Value: $1000)

Total value: $20,475

Retail price: $4,997

Your Price Today: ONLY $1797 + tax

Who is this Business Mastery for?

  • If you want to increase your income

  • If you want to be more successful in life and business.

  • If you are tired of trial and error and want real solutions

  • If you want the opportunity to work with me personally

  • If you are ready to take action for the next 90 days!

  • If you know that you have way more potential than the results.

  • If you feel that you don have enough time to get your business successful.

  • if you are in a position to accept a new inflow of clients

  • if you have the capacity to take on more clients who become loyal customers.

  • and if you want to do this without the hassles of researching hours and hours.

Grab Your Spot in the
Business Mastery! 
(before its too late)

Convenient Payment Plan

Pick this option for 4 Payments

  • Marketing Mastery Training & Coaching

    Get 2 Sessions of 1-on-1 Coaching with this Training
    • Everything form the 4-Week Business Mastery Training: Plus:
    • 2 One on One Coaching Sessions with Amit
    • Start seeing results within the next 4 weeks Guaranteed!
    • Work closely with Amit to work towards the result you want

One Time Payment ONLY

Best Value for an extremely amazing price!

  • Marketing Mastery Training Program

    A powerful proven process for becoming profitable
    • Creating a Marketing Plan for your Success
    • Understanding how to Market for FREE
    • Learn the mindset of your customer to get the sale
    • Get the Business Marketing Workbook
    • Understand your customers at a whole new level

What will you learn in Business Mastery?

  • 12-week Training Program and will be your journey from product creation to launch, marketing, sales and expansion.

  • YPS Business Blueprint: 8 Pillars of a Profitable business

  • If you miss even one pillar, your business is not stable.

  • The Pillars work independently but are also interdependent.

  • You will not only know the 8 Pillars but also their mechanics and how they interact and enhance each other.

  • The Business will only work if you know ALL the 8 pillars and how to work them together.

  • You will know the precise actions to take in 2023!

  • You will actually build your business the way that is most productive and efficient.

  • Printout from the most important slides

  • Templates for you to use for your business over and over

  • References that you can go to if you want to dive deep into any specific area.

  • The Business Mastery Training Program is your chance to work with me to build a foundation of your ever-expanding business!

  • And much much more...


ONLY $1797(plus tax)

(Regular Price: $2997)

Grab your spot


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