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Your Profound Solutions Inc. was founded in 2016 by Amit Ambegaonkar, an entrepreneur and a business coach with a passion for helping other entrepreneurs succeed in their business ventures and life.


YPS (as our clients like to call it) is focused on coaching and consulting entrepreneurs and business owners around the globe to achieve faster growth, greater profits, and an exceptional quality of life.


At YPS, we provide solutions through business consulting, training, and coaching to make sure you achieve the highest level of success. 


We work with clients on strategic planning and problem solving thus helping business owners and entrepreneurs develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed.


Amit Ambegaonkar is a Business Coach, a Sales strategist, a Real Estate Mentor, International Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, a Certified Success Trainer and the Founder of Your Profound Solutions Inc. 

Amit has hundreds of success stories of helping people through real estate mentoring and business coaching to build wealth and multiple sources of income that are stable and ever-growing, irrespective of the economy. 

As a professional speaker, he has shared the stage with respected speakers like Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Robert Allen and Raymond Aaron.

Amit has co-authored books with leading industry experts–Brian Tracy, Robert Allen, Kevin Harrington and Raymond Aaron. 

He was featured on National TV, also on the front cover of the Canadian Real Estate Wealth magazine, as well as various podcasts, radio and TV interviews.

Influence Magazine named Amit as one of the top 100 authorities offering Real Estate Mentoring and Business Consultation for maximum growth and profit with guaranteed results.

Amit Ambegaonkar Business Coach


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Swapna Ambegaonkar is the Award-winning Author, Professional Speaker, Certified Canfield Trainer and Success Coach who is very passionate about helping others and making a difference in the world by inspiring, encouraging and empowering individuals to transform and create the life they want.

She has a bachelor’s degree in physical therapy and is registered to practice in Ontario, Canada.


Swapna is the CEO of Your Profound Solutions Inc. She has been involved in personal development for many years, and truly understands the importance of having the right mindset to be successful in life. She truly believes that the power is within you and that you can achieve all the goals you have ever wanted to achieve. 


Swapna conducts her own events and workshops and has been invited to speak on various occasions at different organizations in the Greater Toronto Area. She has shared the stage with Brian Tracy and has also co-authored a book with him.


Swapna is happily married to Amit Ambegaonkar for the last 25 years and together they are raising 2 beautiful children. She enjoys reading, and music and is passionate about dance.

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