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7 steps to make 2022 YOUR YEAR

Truly fascinating that majority of people let go of their goals, targets and dreams quite easily. Now here are the actual steps for you to make it happen!

Do you know that January 8th is the day when the majority of the new year resolutions are already broken?


Why such a feeble decision? A decision that is supposed to last 365 days does not last even 8 days?

What really is the missing piece here?

I want to share with you some real treasures of how you can make your resolutions, goals, targets, dreams, whatever you have named them, stick around and actually come to reality. Caution: If you are willing to study these 7 principles and follow them, you will not only be able to achieve your goals but you may actually far exceed them.

The only thing I ask you is to genuinely study these principles, understand them fully and just make it your own. Make it yours and only if you feel it is right for you then make it yours and apply it.

If you do this, you will amaze yourself, as to how easily you are complying with them, as they are not something that someone has told you to do but they are something that is true for you!

So let's get started:

1. Decide what you really want: Forget what others have wanted from you, forget what you have convinced yourself you want, forget what is expected from you, and also forget what you should want. Just for some time, the spot that thing that you truly want in your life, this year to become yours, something that you really would like to have in your life this year. Now don't let these 'bad wolves' - limitations - pop-in and stop you from coming up with ideas. These bad wolves are wired in your nervous system (brain) and they are supposed to show up, but just acknowledge them, and get back to your drill: Spot what you truly want to have in this year of 2021, not because of someone else, but only because you want it. You want it for no reason at all. That's it!

2. Now once you have this, write it down. Make sure that you make this as real as possible for you. Write down every detail of it. Write all possible details about it. If it is a place - where is it, how does it look like, what is the smell like, what is the temperature, what are the colours, who is with you, What are you doing there, etc. If it is a relationship - who is this person, how much love do you have between the both of you, how are you celebrating the relationship, how close are you to each other, how much affinity do you have for each other, do you have common things that you like, and on and on. The more detail you can bring this into existence the more you will bring it to reality.

3. Now let's go a little deeper. Write, write and write what it will mean to you to have it, achieve it, possess it, gain it, lose it, create it, etc. How will that make you feel? How will it change your life? How will it change the lives of others around you? This is important as the goals must have a component of how it will help others. How will others benefit by you achieving this goal? What benefit will others be receiving as you are moving closer to achieving your goal? This adds a vital component of helping enough people to achieve what they want, and as a result, you achieve what you want! How important is it for you to achieve it? How detrimental it is if you don't achieve it? You must look at both sides of the coin. If you just look at the great things, it will not work. I need you to look at the good - if it happens and the bad - if it does not happen. Have fun writing about it and make it a game. Write it in colours, write it with bold markers, write it on a computer with different fonts, whatever is your style. Remember, this is for you and you only!

4. At this point, you must be feeling excited and also maybe a little anxious about it. It's all good! Some people only do this at the most and then stop. Now you know why the majority of the people do not achieve it? But not you, I know you are going to go further and. do the next steps.

So here it is: In step 4, you are now going to make it more real for you. Just decide that you are going to make it happen no matter what and are willing to take massive action with total commitment as it is more important to you to achieve than any other thing. If you cannot achieve this reality, the goal that you are thinking of is just a wish or a dream that you will not work towards. Yes! This is the real test for you to know if you will follow through with this or are going to give up. How much certainty do you have in this decision? How confident are you that you can do this?

Remember, this is the key step here. If you miss this, you will not achieve your goal. The crazy part is, first you become certain about your achievements and then you achieve them. I know this sounds crazy, but it's true! So decide that you are certain about achieving the success that you want, the thing that you want to possess, or the goal that you want to reach.

5. If you are still reading this, Congratulations!! you have actually made it through the most challenging part of making this year the most successful year ever for yourself! Wow! In step 5, you will now break that BIG goal into small little chunks of many smaller goals that make up the big goal possible. What steps do you have to take to make it happen? What are the components of that big achievement that you want to have? Who do you have to reach out to make it happen? How many people are involved to make it happen? Chunk it down, Chunk it down, into smaller and smaller parts till they become small tiny tasks. You can use mind-mapping, flow-charts or hierarchy flows to see for yourself and organize it better.

6. Now all you need to do it put it on your calendar all the steps and small minute task that you have outlined for it to happen. Make sure that you don't treat the small tasks as petty and ignore them. Put every small task on your calendar and do them on schedule as per your calendar. You can even make sure that you put it down the first thing to do or thing to do early in the day so that it is done for sure.

7. Revaluate: Make sure that you enjoy the whole process. One of the sure-shot ways to fail at this is by getting stressed about this. The whole point of doing this is so that you achieve it and work towards it so that you get a sense of accomplishment not only for yourself but for people around you and for people that you love. If you find yourself getting stressed and worried about the tasks or achievements, one of the steps above has gone missing or incorrectly done. Get the steps aligned and corrected so that you are having fun doing this and pursuing this will your full energy and working towards your full potential.

For some people, this process may seem too lengthy - I totally understand. I can assure you that if you think that way, that perfectly okay as this is not for you. This 7 step process is one that takes time to set up but is one of the fastest processes for the achievement of goals. Please make sure that you reach out to me to let me know how you applied this step-by-step method of setting goals. I would love to hear your wins by application of this method and what you have created for yourself and the people around you by using this method.


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