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We know how special this time of the year is!


So we want to do something really special this holiday season!

We are offering this Ultimate Book Package with FREE SHIPPING and CUSTOM NOTE!!!



The Art of Appreciation:

The Art of Appreciation book opens your mind to the incredible effects that a simple act of appreciation can have on you and those around you. Sanjana has done a remarkable job of explaining the often taken-for-granted act of appreciation and illustrated its significance in a very efficient way.

Sanjana introduces you to different levels of appreciation and demonstrates them with her personal stories that are sure to influence not just the life of teenagers but also people of all ages.

To have such incredible insights at this tender age of 12 and share them with the world in such a detailed step-by-step manner is truly worth appreciating.

The book unveils appreciation as an art as it inspires you to use this simple act of kindness to change the world.

A must-read - "The Art Of Appreciation."



Your Journey Within:

Your Journey Within is a very simple, practical yet powerful book that gives you life principles that when understood and applied are sure to help you reach your goals and fulfill all your dreams. There are certain steps that need to be followed in order to be successful and make a huge difference in your life. This book helps you understand the most important aspect of taking control of life and hence creating the life you always desired.



Your Profound Success:

Amit Ambegaonkar and Raymond Aaron, both successful entrepreneurs, bring their vast business knowledge to guide you on the topic of entrepreneurial business success using the internet. Amit and Raymond begin with the importance of having the proper mindset for entrepreneurial business and working through start-up advice. They also share with you solid information as to how you can build a successful landing page and other such items. You will learn how to calculate the cost of attaining a client using the internet and how to make the Pareto Principle work for you.

This book focuses on both business and internet fundamentals. This book, Your Profound Success is a manual of sorts for you to begin to live a successful business life now, rather than in the future. The vehicle is the internet, but the drivers are basic and sound business ideas that have been laid out for you in a logical and easy-to-implement manner.

3 Books in 1 offer - Holiday Special Deal

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C$39.00Sale Price
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