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Profound Treasure Series

The Profound Treasure Series will give you the daily boost to perform at your best.

Through these 3-5 min videos delivered right to your inbox, you will discover how to rise above the difficulties of your day-to-day challenges and get real-life handling of some of the major challenges.
You will receive daily useful tips and guidance to bring happiness and direction to improve your life.

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Relationship skills | Learn The Power of You| Handle Life Stressfree| Handle the Biggest Problems |Learn Mechanics of behaviour | Build Trust

Who is this course for?

  • If you want to feel good about yourself

  • If you want to get the knowledge about how to stay motivated in spite of challenges

  • If you want to improve in all areas of their life, personal, business, and professional

  • If you want to always be productive and bring in results

  • If you want to build great relationships with people around them

  • If you are looking to enhance your skills in your current role in your family, job, and business

  • If you want to get better at handling the ups and downs of life

How will 'Profound Success Treasure Series' help you?

  • First and foremost, you need knowledge that will help you to rise above the challenges that you currently have.

  • You need to know the truths about life that are hard to get from anywhere else

  • The truths that need to be delivered in small, quick, and easy methods so that you understand and apply them

  • You will have a deeper understanding of handling problems that get thrown at you by the surroundings

  • Knowledge is a missing piece for any situation and just creating that awareness will cause improvement immediately

  • Daily motivation, reminders, and tips have known to have the maximum impact on optimal performance.

  • The exercises and drills will give you real-life applications in all walks of life.​​



You will start to love what you do and start helping others with that power


You will learn from others people mistakes and avoid them totally


You will be able to create and always look at the brighter side of things


You will build that strong bond with people that you love and care about


The following modules are included in this course:

  • What stops you from achieving results

  • Why money is so hard to come by

  • What are the barriers to feeling good

  • How to bring happiness in your life.

  • How to improve any situation immediately

  • What is the secret to a massive growth

  • The reason why people behave a certain way

  • What are the ways to improve health

  • How to create money from ideas

  • How can you master procrastination

  • How to stop being your own enemy

  • Why do some people struggle to make money

  • How to fix any conflict with minimal effort

  • Why are children so loved

  • How to be friends with anyone

  • How to have a lasting impression on anyone

  • When to communicate and connect

  • And much much more...


ONLY $19/mth (plus tax)

Regular Price: $39/mth (plus tax)

Amit Ambegaonkar Founder YPS.jpg

Amit Ambegaonkar is a Business Coach, a Sales strategist, a Real Estate Mentor, an International Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, a Certified Success Trainer and the Founder of Your Profound Solutions Inc. 

Amit has hundreds of success stories of helping people through real estate mentoring and business coaching to build wealth and multiple sources of income that are stable and ever-growing, irrespective of the economy. 


As a professional speaker, he has shared the stage with respected speakers like Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Robert Allen and Raymond Aaron. Amit has co-authored books with leading industry experts–Brian Tracy, Robert Allen, Kevin Harrington and Raymond Aaron. 


Coach, Certified Trainer, International Best-selling Author, & Professional Speaker


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