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Why do people not reach their full potential?

Why are some things more challenging than others?

Even though they may seem easy..they are difficult to carry out especially consistently.

The reason is quite fascinating!

The only reason it is not happening or being implemented fully is…

When results are sub-optimal, you need to understand something very deep and profound.

Knowing what I know now, I want to share this information with you that will make you total cause over things and you will be able to achieve results like never before!

YPS Inner Circle will reveal to you the innermost secrets so you can reach your full potential with the least amount of effort - guaranteed!!!

Is YPS Inner Circle for You?

  • Do you want to reach your full potential?

  • Do you want to know precisely the barriers between you and success?

  • Do you want to have a perfect relationship between your family, friends, money, and possessions?

  • Do you want to know your purpose in life and work towards achieving that?

  • Do you want to live your life by design and not by default?

  • Do you want to help yourself and help others more than what you do now?

If you have answered any of the questions above YES
- then the YPS INNER CIRCLE is for you!

Why is it important for you to be a part of this training?

  • The information in this training is not available anywhere else and is guaranteed to produce results.

  • This information will be delivered to you so that you can apply and see results immediately.

  • You will get rid of your mental barriers with total understanding so that they will not limit you anymore.

  • You will understand the core principles of life that you must know in order to live your life fully.

  • You will get information about how this universe actually works and how you can use these practical tools in order to achieve any target that you set for yourself.

  • You will empower yourself to help others around you and create a significant impact on their lives.

  • You will be working with Amit Ambegaonkar personally during these Masterclasses and you can ask him questions that you need to know the answers for.

  • In the YPS INNER CIRCLE, you will truly UNLOCK your true potential which is actually unlimited.



You will have more income as a result of what you learn


You will know how to take the right actions in any situation


You will outline a process to achieve success in your life


You will know what is the foundation of any relationship


The following modules are included in this course:

  • Why people don't reach their full potential

  • What tools can you use to succeed in the physical universe with minimal effort

  • How to improve anyone around you with your presence alone

  • What impact can you have on anyone that comes in contact with you

  • Who are you and What is your potential

  • Why do people behave toward you in a certain way and how can you help them

  • What one change in your behaviour will impact your results the most

  • Why this information that is so critical was hidden from you for so long

  • What is happiness and how can you achieve it for yourself, your family and your friends.

  • Why do negative things show up when you try to do something good and its handling

  • How does communication work and when should you stop communicating.

  • How to improve your body condition using powerful principles that have nothing to do with your body.

  • What is a mindset and how to get rid of the self-limiting beliefs that you hold on to for years.

  • How to create the income that you want without sacrificing your time with family

  • How to set up goals so that you will never fail to achieve even one of them.

  • And much more that you need to know in order to be you again and unlock your full potential so you can achieve the impossible!

You will get all of this for a very special price of

ONLY $1997 per year

(or you can pay in instalments of $197/month)

(The regular price is $9997/year or $497/month)

Amit Ambegaonkar Founder YPS.jpg

Amit Ambegaonkar is a Business Coach, a Sales strategist, a Real Estate Mentor, an International Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, a Certified Success Trainer and the Founder of Your Profound Solutions Inc. 

Amit has hundreds of success stories of helping people through real estate mentoring and business coaching to build wealth and multiple sources of income that are stable and ever-growing, irrespective of the economy. 


As a professional speaker, he has shared the stage with respected speakers like Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Robert Allen and Raymond Aaron. Amit has co-authored books with leading industry experts–Brian Tracy, Robert Allen, Kevin Harrington and Raymond Aaron. 


Coach, Certified Trainer, International Best-selling Author, & Professional Speaker

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