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Here is what you will find in this powerful and Award-winning book:

  • ​The Art of Appreciation book opens your mind to the incredible effects that a simple act of appreciation can have on you and those around you. Sanjana has done a remarkable job of explaining the often taken-for-granted act of appreciation and illustrated its significance in a very efficient way.
  • ​Sanjana introduces you to different levels of appreciation and demonstrates them with her personal stories that are sure to influence not just the life of teenagers but also people of all ages. 
  • ​To have such incredible insights at this tender age of 12 and share it with the world in such detail step-by-step manner is truly worth appreciating.
  • ​The book unveils appreciation as an art as it inspires you to use this simple act of kindness to change the world. 
  • ​A must-read - "The Art Of Appreciation."

The Art of Appreciation

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