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Course Overview: This 8-week online course will cover all aspects of real estate investing, from finding properties to managing them. Each session will be delivered live by an experienced real estate expert, realtor, and success coach.

The course will be delivered once a week for a total of 8 weeks.


Week 1: Introduction to Real Estate Investing

- Overview of different types of real estate investments

- How to set realistic goals for investing - Understanding the real estate market


Week 2: Finding the Right Property

- How to find profitable investment properties

- Analyzing potential properties for profitability

- Conducting due diligence on investment properties


Week 3: Financing Your Investment

- Financing options for real estate investments

- How to evaluate financing options

- Understanding the risks and rewards of different financing options


Week 4: Real Estate Investment Strategies

- Overview of different investment strategies

- Pros and cons of each investment strategy

- Creating a strategy that works for you


Week 5: Property Management

- Understanding the basics of property management

- How to handle tenant issues

- Tips for maintaining properties for long-term profitability


Week 6: Real Estate Law and Contracts

- Overview of real estate laws and regulations

- Understanding real estate contracts

- Protecting yourself legally as a real estate investor


Week 7: Risk Management

- Identifying and managing risks in real estate investing

- Understanding insurance and liability issues

- How to minimize risks and maximize profits


Week 8: Scaling Your Real Estate Business

- Strategies for growing your real estate business

- Creating a long-term plan for success

- Tips for building a successful real estate team


Course Benefits:

- Live sessions with an experienced real estate expert, realtor, and success coach

- Comprehensive coverage of all aspects of real estate investing

- Practical and applicable knowledge that can be used in your specific situation

- Opportunities to interact with the expert and other participants for Q&A and idea-sharing

- A trusted expert with a proven track record of success in real estate investing

Wealth Acceleration Program with Real Estate

C$997.00 Regular Price
C$497.00Sale Price
Excluding GST/HST
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