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5 proven ways to improve your productivity in your business

Business Productivity seems to be a major contributor to the success of any business. If you can manage more tasks more efficiently, then your success will be higher.

But how does one truly manage their productivity? How does one accomplish the long list of tasks that are required to be done in one day? How can one live a stress-free work life and still achieve amazing results and outcomes?

Business is a complex activity, not complicated, complex. You need to use the exact tools and resources to start and run a business effectively and efficiently. If you are not aware of the exact way to do your business, please connect with me and let me show you how a business like yours could create miracles in this world. I am seeing a deep need for your product or service.

Here are 5 proven ways to improve your productivity in business:

1. Do things only once in your business: It is very critical that you handle one thing only once. This seems so basic and natural that doesn't deserve a mention. You are so right! That's what I thought too. However, once you look at how a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners operate, you will find that they end up reading some emails 2 -3 times before they actually reply back or delete or save that email! That is 2- 3 times of productivity loss right there!

Tip: If you take up some tasks in your business, take it to completion before taking on the next one. It may be a text that you want to reply to, email that you want to answer, voicemail that you need to call back, etc. If you touch it, you handle it and complete it.

This may involve making some changes to the way you do business right now. For example, you may be used to checking emails from your phone and regular intervals even when you actually cannot reply to them right away. The recommendation would be to check emails only when you can reply and take action on them, or else you will be reading through that email again anyways or it may actually be left out as it was read and would come back at a later date as an uncompleted task.

2. Time blocks: This is one of my most favorite strategy that I use in my business. Everything that needs my attention gets a spot on my calendar.

There are tasks on a weekly basis that need my attention, so those tasks actually get a spot on my calendar weekly.

If a task is monthly, it gets an actual spot monthly. In that "Block" of time, I do not schedule anything else or do not override it with other appointments.

Tip: Depending on the type of task and its importance and relevance, you can decide the time it takes for you to complete the task and actually schedule it on your calendar. Follow your calendar for all the tasks, appointments, and blocks.

3. Start your day early: Do you know how powerful you actually are? Your body is just following what you are telling it to do! You are extremely super powerful and you need to use this power in your business to be successful. Get rid of the self-pity that you may be tempted to use to stop working or start working late or to take it easy.

Tip: If you truly want to be successful, and achieve massive success, you can actually get a lot of things done is very less time by using your own power. In my Masterclasses, I teach how to avail of this superpower that you have in you and how to achieve the income, security, and time that you always wanted.

4. Work towards a set goal: Have you noticed, you start working on a big goal that you want to accomplish that day, suddenly, something else shows up and your attention is totally diverted to the next thing? Once you start to work on the next thing, the next thing shows up and you need to complete that as that is important and so on and so on.

Tip: Do not go after the shiny object syndrome. Trust yourself, that you have chosen a goal that if accomplished will help you a lot in your business and hence is worth pursuing. Do not get distracted by other things that may seem extremely important and will divert your attention.

Just because of the way the physical universe is built, once you start getting focused on one thing, the distraction will show up. Your success will depend on how many tasks you can complete that day in a focused and qualitative manner.

5. Work in a team: The most valuable advice that I can share with you is that hire help. As a business owner, you need to start looking at this as a time-saver and not as an expense. There is an exact way to hire someone and to monitor their progress with you. If you know the exact way to train your employees, you will be very very successful in expanding your business.

Tip: Business owners generally get stuck in one position as they are doing all by themselves without realizing that if they keep working on what they are best at and hire other people a certain way, then they will have many more results. If you are not sure how to hire someone or wish to know the exact way to monitor and track the work your employees are doing, you need to be in one of our seminars.

Our events are designed to help businesses and corporations gain valuable information that will truly impact and effectively manage their work. The tools and resources that we share are very powerful and are to be used to see massive increase in your productivity.


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